Manuel Bieh

Freelance Developer.
TypeScript. React. Node.js


In the past 15 years I was working as Developer there was barely any web technology I had not at least marginally used at some point. I laid the foundation of my professional career doing HTML (optimized for IE5 and Netscape 4.7 at that time), a bit later I also started using CSS (which indeed was not available at the time I began using HTML).

In 1998, at the tender age of 14, I used my pocket money to buy my first book about JavaScript and, well, I'm still using it today! (The language of course, not the book! ;))

Between 2004 and 2008 I had the desire to make some new experiences and broaden my knowledge and so I switchted to mostly doing PHP- and MySQL backend development during that time. With the rise of HTML 5 early 2009 I then switched back to doing frontend development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript almost exclusively.

As time flew by the share of JavaScript in my daily work grew continuously, in 2011 I also started doing some smaller Node.js projects, later I did some more and bigger Node.js projects and in the meantime I have also published some own Node modules on npm and so I'd now consider myself more of a JavaScript Developer than a Frontend Developer (though I still have some decent HTML and CSS skills ;)).

I always try to use the right tool for the problems I have to solve instead of using the same toolset over and over again for each and every project no matter what the requirements are. These circumstances allowed me to grow a broad knowledge about many different technologies in the web sphere and usually I don't need much time to familiarize with unknown technologies or projects.

I must admit, though, that I have recently developed a lot of affection towards React (+ Ecosystem), Webpack and Node.js and so I try to primarily acquire projects where the usage of React would be useful.

The logos reflect some of the technologies I've worked with in the past.

Logo: typescript-icon.svgLogo: javascript.svgLogo: html-5.svgLogo: css-3.svgLogo: react.svgLogo: redux.svgLogo: nextjs.svgLogo: expo.svgLogo: nodejs.svgLogo: deno.svgLogo: webpack.svgLogo: vitejs.svgLogo: esbuild.svgLogo: babel.svgLogo: npm.svgLogo: yarn.svgLogo: express.svgLogo: prettier.svgLogo: react-router.svgLogo: jest.svgLogo: storybook-icon.svgLogo: immutable.svgLogo: gatsby.svgLogo: react-query-icon.svgLogo: gulp.svgLogo: grunt.svgLogo: pm2.svgLogo: nginx.svgLogo: sass.svgLogo: postcss.svgLogo: github-octocat.svgLogo: gitlab.svgLogo: git-icon.svgLogo: chrome.svgLogo: mysql.svgLogo: mariadb.svgLogo: mongodb.svgLogo: snyk.svgLogo: supabase-icon.svgLogo: bootstrap.svgLogo: webcomponents.svgLogo: backbone-icon.svgLogo: ember-tomster.svgLogo: handlebars.svgLogo: visual-studio-code.svgLogo: php.svgLogo: digital-ocean.svgLogo: aws.svgLogo: apache.svgLogo: circleci.svgLogo: docker.svgLogo: vagrant.svg