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Linkdump #1


Nice demonstrations of what you can do with webfonts in combination with CSS3

An overview of new features coming in iOS 5

If you have to re-style large data tables for mobile and you have no idea how, this article on responsive data tables might help:

You have recently made any award-worthy CSS3 animations and now you wanna win your deserved prize for it? Submit it to the Mozilla DevDerby:

A browser tictactoe game including a computer opponent with only HTML and CSS – completely without JavaScript. You think that’s impossible? No it’s obviously not: 1.0 beta is now online. The awesome mobile development platform I’ve been working on in the past 8 months is now online. Sign up and give it a try!

Another private showcase I’ve been working on went online yesterday. It was created during my daily trainride from Dortmund to Cologne and back. Check out my (yet little) HTML5 and CSS3 showcase

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