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Linkdump #3


Adobe tries to bring the functionality of print publishing programs like InDesign to CSS. They called it „CSS regions“ and built a prototype that looks really interesting and promising:
And there’s already a jQuery plugin as polyfill to play around with all these cool features:

A problem that doesn’t really bother you a lot when developing for mobile but published some numbers about the fact that screen resolution is ≠ browser window size:

If you want to enrich your website’s data with some very useful HTML5 microdata and you’re looking for the right schema. Maybe we’ve got the right website for you:

Input “Type=Image” Considered Harmful (and how to fix)

This one is so cool: pdf.js is a javascript library to display PDF’s in your browser using the canvas element:

Let’s Make a Framework is an ongoing series about building a JavaScript framework from the ground up:

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